Our studio is composed of a small group of talented and committed developers with passion for video games. We have worked in some of the best companies in the industry, including:

Gabriel Frizzera 

Studio Lead / Creative + Art

Gabriel Frizzera was born in Brazil. He moved to Canada in 2000 to study Classical Animation. Falling in love with character and environment design, he started working at Electronic Arts where he served as Concept Artist for the series Need for Speed from 2003-2009. Soon after he became one of the founders of Exploding Barrel Games, the indie studio that eventually was purchased by Kabam and became its Vancouver studio. While at Kabam Vancouver, Gabriel helped pitch and became Creative / Art Director for the wildly successful game Marvel Contest of Champions, and its spin-off Marvel Realm of Champions. but even as Kabam became a giant in the mobile space, the indie spirit never left him. So Gabriel decided to part ways with the company he helped found, and started What If? Studio to go back to basics: making awesome games with friends.

Greg Lesky

Game Design

Greg was born in Vancouver, where he jumped head first into Design on Need For Speed. After finishing his second project for EA, skate, he left sports games to work as a Lead Designer at Slant Six on Fireteam Bravo 3 and Resident Evil.  He had found his next project practicing Level Design at Ubisoft Montreal on the incredibly successful WatchDogs team, after which he found himself wanting to experience indie development. Greg moved to Toronto to work at DrinkBox Studios as a Lead Designer on a small team of 10 where their game, Severed, won an Apple Design and CVGA Mobile Game of the Year award. After returning to Vancouver in Lead positions at Capcom and EA, he went to Kabam to work with Gabe on Marvel Realm of Champions. When Gabe pitched him the idea for a new indie studio, Greg wanted to be part of realizing his vision.

Alex Mason


Alex has been a computer geek since his Dad brought home the family's first Macintosh. From there, Alex grew up on classic games such as Myst, Doom, StarCraft, and Diablo. It was then that he knew he was destined to create games. After graduating from Simon Fraser University's SIAT program, Alex began working in the games industry to hone his craft. Alex is now working hard on building technology to answer a burning question: What If?

Adam Cooper

Art + Tech

Adam Cooper is a seasoned video game developer with over 20 years of experience. Ever since his first custom Doom level, he has been hooked on game development. He has worked with renowned companies like Piranha Games, EA, and Radical. In the summer of 2012 he took a leap of faith into the indie world with Exploding Barrel Games a small startup that would become Kabam Vancouver, best known for the smash hit Marvel Contest of Champions. He loves the indie spirit and camaraderie when working with a close group of friends. With a blend of technical expertise and artistic vision, he thrives on crafting new adventures for people across the world to enjoy.

Andy Fuller

3D Art

Andy Fuller started his career as an artist in the Seattle area. He worked as a lead artist in the EA Seattle Studio, and was transferred to the Vancouver office in 2004. At EA, Andy helped create 007 Everything or Nothing and Need for Speed original versions, plus Underground 2, Most Wanted, and Pro Street. From 2009-2012 Andy worked at Microsoft and helped create Kinect Joy Ride, Kinect Sports - Season Two Skiing and others. From 2013-2022, Andy worked at Kabam Vancouver where he helped create Fast and Furious Legacy 7; Transformers, Forged to Fight; Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Realm of Champions. In 2023 Andy started working with Gabe and a small group of talented people from the industry to create exciting, innovative, original games for the new company, What If? Games.

Pedro Dobbin

3D Art

Pedro is a 3D environment artist passionate about storytelling and world building for games. Before joining the team, he worked in many different types of games, from mobile to AAA games like Battlefield 2042 Portal and most recently had the opportunity to be part of a brand new competitive shooter alongside industry veterans as the main Environment Artist where he could hone their skills inside Unreal Engine 5.

Erico Frizzera 

Business / Legal

Erico Frizzera has played video games with his brothers Gabriel and Luciano since early age, and as the younger brother, Erico was always the preferred guinea pig for Gabriel's experimental board games and dangerous homemade rides. Early in his carrer, he was exiled in corporate dungeons, forced to work in exchange for money, channeling all his creative energy into bureaucracies and contracts for M&A operations, structuring corporations, and financing Energy and O&G projects. After long 20 years, he was finally liberated to revisit his role as the guinea pig (now with a helmet).